Sunday, October 10, 2010

Evony Bot

I just logged in a noticed the comments. I forgot to add the download links last time lol. I apologize for it. I also including an update which will allow evony bot to perform many functions simultaneously using multi threading.

Download Evony Bot Here: Download Now!

If you play travian do not forget to check out travian bot..

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Evony Free Forever - Beginners Guide

Well, we all know that evony is one of the world favorite and most popular free forever role playing game. Its well deserves to be here because the game is a good mixture of adventure, action and strategy and therefore making it to the top of my list for the best role playing games ever.

The game will not stop if you stop. You towns, villages and cities continue to grow, gather resources and increase in terms of population. When you are sleeping, you cities are growing. There are also people attacking your cities when you are sleeping. Once, during my early evony days, I found out in the morning that one third of my cities have been captured by my enemy.

Another compelling aspect is that the player can actually have multiple cities. When first beginning, managing one city is difficult enough, but after enough time playing, you may have close to ten cities at your disposal! This presents more challenge for those gamers who wish to make things even more difficult.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Vacation Mode In Evony game.

If you are new to Evony, there are many chances that you do not have any idea what holiday or vacation mode is. The primary reason for this is that most of the people do not use this feature ever. Why? Simple, because it is expensive. You can be in holiday/vacation mode as long as you wish to but you would have to pay up 10 evony cents per day! If you have enough evony cents to spare this is a really good option, but this is not for me :(. I had $10 and I went on holiday for 2 weeks and I had of course set it on vacation mode. As soon as the $10 got over on the 10th day my account was thrown out of the vacation mode.

Also, keep in mind that all construction, research and recruitment will should be halted before entering this mode and all this would also remain halted when you are in holiday mode. The minimum amount of days required to be in holiday mode is 2, and the maximum is only limited by your evony cents.

You cannot dispatch your troops to any valleys. You shouldn't have pending orders in the market or any incoming attacks. If you have joined any alliance and your troops are being used by the alliance, then you would have to withdraw you troops before entering vacation mode.

Advantages of vacation mode are useful and simple. You status during vacation mode is frozen. You cannot be attacked during this period. No resources will be gained or consumed when you are in this mode. No alliance / alliances can sent their troops to any of your cities either. If you have the dollars for it, I think vacation mode is a great plus point of evony!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I am working on a new state of the art bot for evony which will be out soon.

I am just dropping by to tell you that I am working on a new evony bot which will be far better than anything you heard about to saw. What makes it so special?
Answer: ME!
I am a damn good programmer and coding bots for evony is as easy as eating a pie. I code bots with artificial intelligence with tons of if-else statements. Evony bot is going to be easy, yet fun and exciting for me.

I have never put any of my software in front of the general public.
Mos of me software is either used by big corporations or they are used by limited people who can benefit from it.

So, I decide to code some software for the general public and give it out for free. Now I am avid Evony player, I play it anytime ad every time I am free of my work.

Almost 80% of it is done now. Just a few finishing touches left to the masterpiece.
I will put up another post with the download link soon. Keep your eyes on the site :D